get out of the earth

It is better to be the first in people's mind than being the first at market.. When you decide to get out of the earth completely , when you isolate the traditional work finally , when you think to sit on the planet watching the rotation of the earth , When you imagine your life as a spaceman, when you think to drink a cup of tea on the Milky Way , when you fail 100 times and you decide to success for the first time at this moment you will achieve what others achieved it in ten years, and your name will be heard before seeing .. In order to achieve all of this you have to go for one way (krito)

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intro krito

get out of the earth

We are a group whose members are consisted of a digital number of human beings and an astronomical number of intellectual minds. Our job is to think of the unconscious ( we start thinking when the inhabitants’ minds of the earth stop ). we look for the problem and hold it to know how to solve it so we use space marketing in our solutions that it can hold and solve the problems of the earth. When we landed on the earth , we gathered all our astronomical minds that composed of ( Hesam -Ahmed -amr) . we summoned the power of programming to solve the problem of the earth in programming and create a new world of mobile applications on the space model. By good fortune we found on the earth a black Egyptian young man so we decided to call him the designer (Mohamed).

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who we are krito

get out of the earth

We can be like the inhabitants of the earth, but we differed from them in space thinking, in the speed of the completion of business and most importantly, we failed 100 times and we succeeded number 101 so our experience is not counted in failure, for this reason we have known the failure remotely and we help you to choose in your job success or failure, we have experience in success and failure

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why us krito

Web Services

- Integrated Internet services. - Provide programming service and web design. - Web Hosting and booking the domain. ._ Encryption services and privacy protection. - Search engine services. All of this is provided by the genius programmers and the most successful young spacemen and the inhabitants of the earth.

Digital Marketing

- Electronic space marketing services .. where we have a space marketing maniacs department . A group of unconscious minds who are unaware of the timing in Greater Cairo that thinking about solutions saved from the stages of failure to success, where you analyze the market of the earth , and understand what is going on in the minds of your competitors and if your opponent wants to fall you, you decide to blow up him with space marketing surface-to-air missiles by playing on his weaknesses and plugging him. It is done by :- - Wires are connected to social networking sites. - The failed and successful marketing plans.

Branding Design

-We have a large number of brushes and tools for paints, in addition to the young designer (Mohamed). We have the technical Sense that we can implement (Logo - Business Cart - Brochure - Flyer - Folder Cover - Coaster - USB Flash Drive - Bags - T_ Shirt - Pins - Pens - Correspondences Paper - ID Cards - Posters - Rull up - Pop up - CD).Note: - It is better for you to implement this service here ( Krito ) because we are spacemen so We have different ideas on implementing the trademark, and this is what you need first to succeed and to be known among your competitors

Mobile Application

Programming and designing phone applications (Android - iOS - Windows Phone).Dear reader: - Please stop here for a moment. We have to tell you that this service is important to you now. If you want to get a large number of customers, you have to use this service. If you ignore it, you should know that you may fail, but do not worry We are at your service in the two choices.

Motion Graphic

- This service is similar to the lifebuoy for many of the companies where the people made it from the beginning in the form of (video), but we decided to modify it and gave attention to the sound also with the video. - We have the voices of the spacemen interlaced with the voices of the Egyptian people, so we have the mix of sounds that attract your attention in the femtosecond. - We recommend this service to companies that want to be known and acquiring many customers and dollars, because this service helps them in marketing very creatively.


mgd alhag ahmed

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address11 Zakaria Othman St , next to Al Wafaa w Al Amal hospital

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للتواصل مع شركة Krito والتعرف على المزيد من خدماتها ولمتابعة كل ما تقدمه من جديد في عالم الـ Marketing & Web Services تواصل معها عن طريق مؤتمر Arab Affiliate Summit 2017 مع العلم أن هناك المزيد من العروض الحصرية المخصصة لحاضري المؤتمروعلى المهتمين بمجال الــ Affiliate سواء كان مبتدئا أو Superانتظار ما سيتم تقديمه خلال الفترة القادمة من قبل الشركة وما ستحدثه من تجديد في هذا المجال .